How to Use Tie-Downs (Rack Straps)

Always use one strap per crossbar (meaning there should be two straps per loaded item or stack of items).

Wrap the strap around the underside of the crossbar and then bring both ends of the strap over the load. Run the loose end under the crossbar and then up through the bottom of the cam lever buckle. Pull loose end down to tighten. *Tip: We like to add a half hitch knot against the buckle to prevent any slippage.

Never use one strap between crossbars or cross the straps (making an “X”) over the load as this pulls the racks towards each other resulting in the front rack disengaging from the vehicle.

Bow/Stern Tie-Downs

Use bow/stern tie-downs for any load extending over the windshield needs and additional tether to the front and/or rear of the vehicle.

There is a lot of wind force pushing the load upwards and side-to-side, putting the front rack under tremendous strain. Using bow/stern tie-downs triangulate the front of the load to both sides of the hood, relieving the pressure on the front rack. This insures that the front rack will not disengage from the roof of the vehicle. This is required by all rack manufactures.

An additional strap over the load and passed through the vehicle is a very reliable safety device when needed for higher speeds and questionable racks.

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