“Safety brings first aid to the uninjured.”
– F.S. Hughes

Our goal at Go Bananas is to provide ample amount of information in order to educate our customers so they are able to pick which product fits their requirements the best, as well as providing safety tips to make sure there are no incidents.

Every year, thousands of kayaks and one and two person outrigger canoes are sold in Hawaii.  Then adding to that, the number of tourists rent while they’re here on vacation, should make paddling one of the most popular athletic sports in our state. Even with thousands of new paddlers hitting the water every year there are only a few incidents per year to remind us that safety measures should be considered, adopted and practiced.

For many this will be your first time in a kayak or canoe and for others who paddle in other states or countries this will be your first experience in Hawaii’s ocean conditions. Our waters can go from flat and calm in protected bays and rivers to unpredictable conditions out on the open ocean and over our shallow reefs. The surf can go from flat a couple of stories tall in just a few hours. The winds can blow you in towards shore but they can also blow you out to sea depending on what side of the island you are on and where the prevailing winds are blowing.  If you’re already one of the thousands of Hawaiian kayakers and canoe paddlers you’ve already had a taste of what our waters can dish out. Huge amounts of adrenaline!