Vehicle Rack Liability

We install racks as well as they can be installed, but we DO NOT control how you attach your equipment to your vehicle racks nor the upkeep and maintenance of your racks. purchased from Go Bananas Watersports. We DO NOT accept any liability in the use of any vehicle racks.

Neither Thule, TracRac, Yakima, nor Go Bananas Watersport accepts responsibility for damage to your vehicle, damage to other vehicles, damage to your equipment, and/or injury or damage to other parties in the use of roof racks, truck racks, and/or van racks purchased from Go Bananas Watersports.


You are responsible for checking your racks before use to make sure it is properly attached to your vehicle. Racks can come loose over time and need to be periodically checked and tightened. Any play between the racks and the vehicle AND/OR between the towers and crossbars needs to be addressed before attaching equipment to the crossbars. Read your manufacturers owner’s manual, instructions, and safety notices

  • YOU are always responsible for how you tie your load (surfboards, stand-up-paddle boards, kayaks, surfski, outrigger canoe, lumber, ladders, etc.) to your racks
  • Never trust your friend to tie down your load and always double check their work before driving as you are ultimately responsible for the load on your vehicle being properly secured
  • Never use one strap between crossbars or cross the straps (making an “X”) over the load as this pulls the racks towards each other resulting in the front rack disengaging from the vehicle.
  • Never use bungee cord
  • An additional strap over the load and passed through the vehicle is a very reliable safety device when needed for higher speeds and questionable racks.
  • Failure to properly secure your load can cause damage to your vehicle, damages to other vehicles, and bodily injury or death to yourself and others

Click here to read about how to use tie-down straps properly (or click the button below).