We have a variety of kayaks available for rental, everything from fishing kayaks, touring kayaks, and surf kayaks, in doubles and singles, as well as SUP boards.  We have the lowest rental rates because we mainly focus on the local customers who are deciding which type of kayak they would like to purchase; because we are a paddle retailer we offer the lowest price for the most gear with the best quality.


Below is a listing of our rates and to the right is a list of the equipment provided with a rental.  Roof racks and straps are included in the rental cost but you will need a vehicle since we are not directly on the water.
We have special rates for extended rental periods. We can also offer tips on kayak/boating safety and technique as well as directions to great paddling destinations. You must be 18 years of age or older to rent. Liability waiver and credit card deposit required.

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Rent for 7 consecutive days or more and rate dopes $10.00 per day.  Total for singles is $210, doubles are $315, and SUP boards are $210.

There is a $15 late fee if the equipment is returned more than 30 minutes after the return time.  If the kayak is returned the next morning at 9am, there is only a $10 overnight fee added.  Making sure he rental is secure form theft overnight is the renters responsibility.  Extra day rental rates apply if the rental is returned over 2 hours late.

All tickets and fines assessed for landing illegally on Mokulua Nui and Popoia Islands (permitted by fee’s Monday through Saturday) and illegal landings on Manana (Rabbit) Island, Kaohikaipu Island (smaller island next to Manana Island), Mokulua Iki Island, and Mokumanu Island (off the tip of Mokapu peninsula) are the renters responsibility.

One 24 hour rental can be applied toward the purchase of one kayak, if purchased within one month (30 days) of the rental.  A second rental fee can be applied if the kayak is purchased at the end of the second rental in the same 30 day window.

Never leave valuables in your car at any time!